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BOZHENTCI - Gabrovo Region
BOZHENTCI - Gabrovo Region BOZHENTCI - Gabrovo Region BOZHENTCI - Gabrovo Region BOZHENTCI - Gabrovo Region BOZHENTCI - Gabrovo Region BOZHENTCI - Gabrovo Region BOZHENTCI - Gabrovo Region

BOZHENTCI - Gabrovo Region


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Historical and Architectural Reserve Bozhentsi 

Bozhentsi – a wonderful village in the area of Gabrovo, is one of the most beautiful architectural reserves in Bulgaria. It is located 15 kilometers east of Gabrovo and impresses with its well-preserved houses and public buildings from the time of the Bulgarian Revival.

The beginning is a legend: the legend of the noblewoman from Tarnovo Bojana, who took her brothers and sons out of the destroyed capital Veliko Tarnovo 6 centuries ago. Together they settled in the venerable woods and built a village which was later named after her. The legend tells how rich people from Tarnovo came with Bozhana and brought along their rich culture and traditions.

Bojentsi has always been part of the big world. Its location near the old Roman road Nicopolis ad Istrum – Augusta Traiana – Constantinople, enabled the people from the village to travel and trade with Russia, Italy, Austria-Hungary, France, Anadol.

With 110 houses and near 500 citizens, in the end of the 19 century Bojentsi was an important administrative, trading, cultural and spiritual centre. Gradually, people started to move from Bojentsi. Nowadays there are about 100 houses left in the village, which are between 100 and 250 years old. That is why in 1964 the village was proclaimed an architectural and historical reserve, and the forty people who live in it keep it alive. Still, in this old hamlet a person never feels lonely, even if living alone.

The Village-reserve is visited by thousands of people throughout the year. There are two house-museums to be seen, built in the 18 and the first half of the 19 century, with exhibitions of original objects dating from that period. The exposition ”History Remembers Only the Daredevils and the Generous Donators” presents the history of Bojentsi with photographical materials, objects used in the everyday life and luxury objects – part of the lifestyle of local people, the genealogy of some notable families from Bojentsi who made donations for the building of schools, churches and houses. The village earned a very good reputation through their involvement in the political and cultural life of the country. Among the items exhibited in the museums, the visitor can see a vice for wax with an original mechanism from the beginning of 19 century, a cutler’s workshop, a constant exhibition - bazaar of different fabrics, a monastery school; there is a hall in which different exhibitions take place depending on the season and the holidays – survaknitsi, martenitsi, Easter day’s rituals, pictures, photos.

Every year many children from different towns gather to study the art of painting in Bojentsi. There are also revivals of authentic national customs depending on the holidays – Lazaruvane, Koleduvane, St. George’s day. The village offers you the possibility to stay in old-style houses. Also, there are taverns, cafes, shops.

Visitors can learn more about the history of the village, the reserve and the big families in Bozhentsi in the exhibition called “Only the daredevils and generous donators remain in the history”. An authentic press for wax cleaning from the beginning of the 19th century is exposed in the Mengemata – a wax cleaning workshop.

Another interesting exhibition is presented in the Monastery school – there visitors can see the typical layout of a classroom of the nineteenth century. The temple “St. Prophet Elijah”is also located on the reserve territory. The temple was built in 1839.

A photograph with an authentic village costume is among the attractions, offered in Bozhentsi. There are several paths in the area, which are suitable for hiking – a Roman road and a road leading to to Tryavna. The village also offers reproductions of Traditional Bulgarian Festivals such as Gergyovden, Christmas, Lazarovden. Accommodation is available for tourists in the houses of Bozhentsi, which offer accommodation in an authentic 19th century atmosphere.

If you visit Bozhentsi, you should try the local white sweets. Those, who have tried them once, never forget thier taste.

The unique architecture of the magnificent two-and three story houses arouses visitor’s admiration. Nowadays the village is one of the preferred ecological and country tourism destinations. 

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